About Timberwolf Equity Research

I use value investing methods to search out favorable bets in the stock market. Much of my published work is available through Seeking Alpha. You can visit my profile page here to look at some of my past articles.


For a sample of my work please check out my Auhor’s picks.

Top Idea #1: Zooplus, published Oct. 24th 2014 

Top Idea #2: Coca-Cola Bottling Co., publ. May 20th 2015

Top Idea #3: C&C Group, published April 27th 2018


Disclaimer: all investment analyses and information written and published by me, as well as all comments, should not be considered as investment advice or used as such. All readers are strongly urged to perform their own research and due diligence on the equity shares and other investment products I have written about. I have no business or any other forms of relationship with the companies featured in my analyses, unless explicitly stated so in the article disclaimer.


6 thoughts on “About Timberwolf Equity Research

  1. You had done a report on Rogers Sugar. Does Rogers Sugar have any connection with Rogers TV/Cable??

    Just curious.

    Jay Phinizy (Finici on S/A)


  2. Hello. I recently read your piece on ATSE:KARE and was wondering what broker you used to trade their stock as IBKR and Saxo don’t appear to offer it.


      1. Thanks Timberwolf. Unfortunately De Giro is untradeable ex-Europe, but come say hi next time you’re in Sydney.


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